Waltair Veerayya Review

Movie Waltair Veerayya
Actors Chiranjeevi, Ravi Teja, Shruti Hassan, Prakash Raj, Bobby Simha, Catherine Tresa, Rajendra Prasad etc.
Cinematography Arthur K Wilson
Music Devi Sri Prasad
Producers Y Ravi Shankar, Naveen Yerneni
Story, Dialogues & Direction Bobby Kolli


Waltair Veerayya Review

Megastar Chiranjeevi is doing movies continuously without any gap after he started his second innings. Last year, his two movies Acharya and God Father had released. One of them was a flop and the other was average. This time he decided to mark his comeback with his new movie on the eve of the Sankranti festival. Waltair Veerayya is a new movie directed by Bobby Kolli starring Megastar Chiranjeevi. It has been released today and in this article i’m going to share Waltair Veerayya Review.


Raw agents arrest international drug smuggler Salmon Ceaser(Bobby Simha). Unfortunately because of a plane crash, They have to keep the Ceaser in Maaredumilli police station for one night. During this time, the inmates of Ceaser come to his location and kills all the policemen and help him escape. The SHO of that pollice station Seetapathi(Rajendra Prasad) wanted to take revenge on Ceaser for killing his policemen. He consult Waltair Veerayya(Chiranjeevi) who is a king maker in his area for help. He setup a contract for 25 lakhs to catch Ceaser who is in Malaysia. Veerayya travels to Malaysia with his gang to catch the Ceaser but later we realise that Veerayya has other plans. What are his plans? Does he succeed? To know all these, Please watch the movie.


The whole team was exaggerated about this movie before the release. There are no over the top scenes but it does satisfy the audience. This movie has full on entertainment which doesn’t let you feel bored. The mega fans will be fully satisfied with the movie. The director tried to bring back the vintage Chiranjeevi. He succeeded visually but in terms scenes and dialogues, they are not up to the mark. This movie does reach the expectations of fans with minimum guarantee scenes.

The introduction scene of Chiranjeevi is not satisfactory. I feel the director was in dilemma whether to show the protogonist as powerful or funny. There’s a lot of hype in the introduction about how powerful the protagonist is but in the next scene, the character starts doing comedy which made the audience shift in the perception of that character. Later the scenes in the Malaysia and the love track with Shruti Hassan feels routine and doesn’t excite the audience. From the pre interval scenes the movie get into pace and start exciting the audience.

The second half start with flashback as usual like in other commercial movies. The Raviteja character enters in the second half. After this movie enters into the serious zone. The scenes with combination of Chiranjeevi and Raviteja are impressive. The characterisation of Chiranjeevi in the second half is impressive and designed with multiple emotional angles. It feels that the flashback is little dragged but this is the best episode of this movie. The pre-climax and climax scenes are designed in grandeur which excites the audience and keep their adrenaline rush high when they leave the theatre. If you are looking for some entertainment and combination scenes of Chiranjeevi and Raviteja, you can watch this movie.


Chiranjeevi is back with his vintage look and feel. He impressed the audience with his ease of acting and performance. But the characterisation in this movie has a mixed angles. Sometimes the characters becomes powerful and sometimes little comic. However the way chiranjeevi presented himself in this movie is impressive. Raviteja character is designed well. He is very good in this movie. Shruti Hassan was played a spy character however its not that impressive and has less significance. Prakash Raj Played a routine villain role in this movie. Bobby Simha acted well. Rajendra Prasad, Catherine Tresa, Nasser etc played their characters well.


Devi Sri Prasad was struggling in recent times and was unable to deliver music which is upto the mark. However, in this movie he has given a better background score and songs. The cinematography by Arthur K Wilson is good. Production values are good. There was no compromise in anywhere in the movie. The director mainly focused on showing the Chiranjeevi as his fans expected and he succeeded in this way. However the movie not too good but it definitely create impact on audience when they leave.

Rating: 3

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