Veera Simha Reddy Review

Movie Veera Simha Reddy
Actors Nandamuri Balakrishna, Shruti Hassan, Honey Rose, Varalaxmi, Dunia Vijay
Cinematography Rishi Punjabi
Music Thaman S
Producers Y Ravi Shankar, Naveen Yerneni
Story, Screenplay & Direction Gopichand Malineni

Veera Simha Reddy Review

Balakrishna has a great track record of giving blockbusters on the occasion of Sankranti. Again he came to the race with his new movie Veera Simha Reddy for this Sankranti which is directed by Gopichand Malineni. This movie has released today with great expectations. Now let’s see the analysis of this movie.


The protagonist Jai(Balakrishna) runs a restaurant with his mother in Istambul. He is living happily with his mother and his marriage get set with Isha(Shruti Hassan) who he met her there. Jai was unaware about his father and he lives with a perception that his father is dead. Then his mother tell him about his father that He is a reputed man in Rayalaseema. There’s a ongoing rivalry between the Jai’s father Veera Simha Reddy and the other local leader and antagonist  Pratap Reddy(Dunia Vijay) in Rayalaseema. Veera Simha Reddy decided to come to Istambul to attend his son’s marriage but he got attacked there too. Does he survive this attack? Why there’s a rivalry between Veera Simha Reddy and Pratap Reddy? Why Veera Simha Reddy is living far away from his son and wife? To know all these, watch the movie.


Gopichand Malineni is a biggest fan of Balakrishna. He said this multiple times on stage and he said, he presented Balakrishna in a way the fans wish to see him. He sticked to his words and he really presented Balakrishna very well and reached the fans expectations. The costumes and the look of the protagonist Veera Simha Reddy is really fantastic. The scenes which elevates heroism and the action sequences are planned so well. Dialogues are also good. But  do you think good dialogues, good elevated scenes and action sequences are enough for movie? The storyline is pretty old and basic. The scenes are not new and exciting. You may feel you have seen this kind of movies million times before. If you are going to watch the movie specifically to see Balakrishna and his action scenes, you might like the movie but, if you are expecting something new, you will surely get disappointed.

We have seen movies where there’s a big man who rules Rayalaseema. We have already seen Balakrishna playing this character multiple times. We have already seen Balakrishna fighting with antagonist and delivering amazing dialogues. You will be watching the same scenes in this movie too. Usually the protagonist beats in rivals in Rayalaseema. But you will seeing the same thing in Istambul too which you may feel little new. You have seen lot of movies where Balakrishna playing double role where initially you will see the young Protogonist for sometime and then in flashback you will found the older protagonist. In the first half, you will see the young protagonist romancing with actress and some songs to impress the audience. After sometime, the old protogonist enter into the movie with some elevated scenes and big action sequences. After that, you will see the flashback of old protagonist following with climax. This is the usual template of Balakrishna movies when he plays double role. Gopichand followed the same template for this movie too.

But Gopichand succeeded in showing the Balakrishna very powerful in the character as his fans wanted to. He didn’t took much time to introduce the real protagonist and once he enters, the movie picks up the pace. From the styling of the protagonist to the action sequences, everything looks eye feast to audience. You may feel the scenes are not new but the way Gopichand presented them gives you goosebumps. First half feels fast with these action sequences and later the interval twist will impress the audience.

The director used the second half of the movie only for the flashback episode of hero. In the first half, we have already seen the heroism of hero so, to see the hero growing from zero feels little slow and uninteresting. Second half feels lengthy and more sentimental drama which makes you feel little slow and dragging. There’s no much interesting points which excites you in second half. After a long flashback, the movie ends with a routine climax scenes.


This type of characters are apt for Balakrishna. He has proved it many times and this movie is going to add feather in his hat. From the looks to action sequences, Balakrisha excelled in all aspects. He acted in such a way that you will feel nobody can be suited for this kind of roles. The actress Shruti Hassan and Honey Rose are there for the sake of it. They didn’t get much significance in the story line. Shruti looks beautiful in the movie. The antagonist character played by Dunia Vijay seems regular. If you expect good elevations for that character, you may feel disappointed. Varalaxmi acted very good in the movie. She got good role. Though this character doesn’t have the screen presence like Jayamma in her last movie, it still score good marks. Rest of the characters are okay.


Thaman again excelled with good background score. His background music took the action sequences and elevated scenes to the next level. Songs are okay. The cinematography by Rishi Punjabi is good. Visually the movie looks rich. Action choreography is good. The producers didn’t compromise anywhere in the movie. The dialogue writer Sai Madhav excelled with good punch dialogues. The director, Gopichand didn’t utilise the opportunity fully. He concentrated on showing his favorite actor better much missed with the storyline. Everything looks so good but weak storyline pull this movie little down and make disappointed to the normal audience.

Rating: 2.75

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