Thegimpu Movie Review

Actors Ajith Kumar, Manju Warrier, Samuthirakani, Pavani Reddy, John Kokken etc
Cinematography Nirav Shah
Editor Vijay Velukutty
Music Ghibran
Producer ZEE Studios & Boney Kapoor
Written & Directed H Vinoth


Thegimpu Movie Review

Ajith Kumar is one of the top stars in Kollywood which is a tamil movie industry. Recently his movie Thunivu has been released which has been dubbed in telugu and released as Thegimpu. In this article, we are going to share the review of this movie.


A gang of thieves along with help of a higher official in police department try to rob 500 crores which was extra stored extra in a Your Bank. While implementing their plans in robbing that bank, they come across a guy called Dark Devil(Ajith) who is already in bank. Dark Devil attacks the gang of  thieves and take control of this bank. Who is this Dark Devil? Whats his background? What is his objective? How did he escaped from the thieves inside the bank and the police battalion outside is the rest of the story.

Story Analysis:

In the flash back of this movie, there’s a action sequence where villains attack the hero with big machine guns. Hero panics initially but later he kills them all. He suffer few bullet injuries but he survives. Now, in the current timeline, the thieves gang attack hero with guns. The police launches rockets on the bank but still hero survives. Later in another action sequence, hero was driving a speed boat where villains chase him in other boats and helicopters. Every was loaded with machine guns and fires at hero but still hero survives. The craziest thing is hero shot down helicopters from a boat. Hero sustains few bullet injuries but still survives. This is how this movie action scenes goes. The director has concentrated on elevating the heroism with action scenes but forgot to connect with audience emotionally. The story which revolves around the private bank scams doesn’t feel engaging. Few of the scenes are really good but because of over the top action scenes, this movie feels heavy.

It feels like this movie inspired by the famous  web series Money Heist. In the web series, the professor run the show staying outside the bank but in this movie the hero stays inside the bank and run the show. The director took the audience directly into the story without wasting time with introduction songs and fights was impressive. The director succeeded initially by keeping the protagonist in low profile and created a buzz in the audience. The scenes which are inside the bank, where hero take over the control of bank, The police counter attacks on protagonist and the villain entry in the movie, all these scenes were very impressive in the first half of the engaging. The first half was very engaging. Even though the first half is lengthy, it doesn’t let you feel bored.

The main problem is with the second half of the movie. The flash back of the movie which reveals the background story of the protagonist feels irrelevant. There’s no proper logic to connect with the hero with the storyline. Initially it was shown that the protagonist as a thief but later they reveal that he is taking risks for a good cause is not satisfying. There’s a episode about the mutual funds, credit cards and other bank related stuff where people get cheated. This episode has been exaggerated and lengthy which has become minus for the movie. The audience didn’t feel connected with the way the director explained these issues in real life. The action sequences feels lengthy but not that engaging. The second feels very heavy and lengthy on audience which made them feel, when the movie ends. Ajith fans may get excited with the first half and action scenes but for a regular audience, it is difficult to get connected.


Ajith did a one man show in the movie. He completely dominated the whole movie and his looks were awestruck. With gray hair and beard, he looked so stylish in the movie. But physically he was seem fit in the movie. We usually expect the hero to fit and agile in action scenes but here, he slightly disappointed. The role of Manju Warrier doesn’t have much significance. Any other actress can play that role. Samudrakhani was impressive in commissioner role. John Kokken was suited in the villain character and the other characters was okay.


Technically this movie is very impressive. Ghibran has aced with background music. He has elevated the action scenes to next level with his music. There’s no much significance for songs in this movie. Nirav Shah has done good cinematography. He has excelled in the arial shots of action scenes. The production has done a great job. There was no compromise in production values and overall the movie looks very rich. The main problem with movie is the audience didn’t get connected with characters and the narration. Few of scenes were good but overall not up to the mark.

Rating: 2.5

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