Pathaan Movie Review

Movie Pathaan
Actors Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham
Cinematography Satchith Paulose
Music Sanchit Balhara, Ankit Balhara
Producers Aditya Chopra(Yash Raj Films)
Story & Director Siddharth Anand

Pathaan Review

Its been very long time Shah Rukh Khan delivered a proper hit movie. He came with experimental movie Zero in 2018 but failed to score at box office. Shah Rukh Khan took a long gap and now came with a action packed movie directed by Sidharth Anand. Pathaan movie has released today with lot of expectations. Does it stick to its expectations, let’s find out.


Pathaan(Sha Rukh Khan) is a guy who grown up as an orphan kid later joins the army to serve the country till his last breath. He was a part of may many secret operations by RA&W. He got injured in one of operations and has to stay down in safe house for a long time. He teams up with people who are injured like him. RA&W gives him and his team a new difficult operation to solve. Does he succeed in it is the rest of the movie.


Shah Rukh Khan. The name itself is a brand. He has a style, swag and charm. Whatever he does, he does it with grace adds up his own ingredients to make the look like over the top. But in recent times, he disappointed the audience with his experiment movies which doesn’t really suit him. He took a break and did the introspection on where he is going wrong, why he is not able to get connected with today’s audience. Sidharth Anand has beend delivering hit action movies. Last time he came up with Hrithik and delivered a hit move War. Shah Rukh Khan has teamed with Sidharth this time and it has been his best decision in recent times. Sidharth has done a fantastic job. He action scenes are over the top. He presented Shah Rukh Khan the way audience wanted. When everything is right, ofcourse movie will do wonders.

There are expectations on Sidharh Anand movies. We expect international level action sequences, big clashes between protogonist and antogonist, powerful roles of both hero and villain and amazing twists in storyline. Pathaan has all of it. Though the storyline is not new but the screenplay and narration keeps the audience at the edge of the seat.

Usually, there are no much elevations for protagonist character in bollywood movies. But bollywood movies are getting inspired from south movies and presenting the hero character with great elevations. In this movie, the director did the same and they worked well for this movie. Shah Rukh Khan made routine scenes look superb with his presence and acting. At this age, you look the younger Shah Rukh Khan in action sequences. You will get excited with twist in the interval. There is a surprise in the second half which audience and fans will love it.


If we need to discuss about how Shah Rukh Khan acted, it would be an insult for him. He returned with bang with this movie. His style, swag and his wittyness everything made this character and the movie to the next level. He look physically fit and stylish looked apt for the role. Deepika Padukone looked good and sexy in a secret agent character. John Abraham looked more stylish in the villain role. He performed very well in action sequences. Rest of the actors did their job well.


There’s a standard set for action movies by Yash Raj Film. Pathaan falls into that category too. You will feel the richness in every frame of this movie. Sanchit Balhara and Ankit Balhara given fantastic music for this movie. The background score in action sequences and elevations are too good. Cinematography by Satchith Paulose is nice. He brought the richness to the screen and given value for money spent on each scenes. Director Siddharth Anand reached the expectations of audience delivered a great movie.

Rating: 3.25/5

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