Indian students visas To US has increased inspite of Covid effects.

There was been lockdown in all possibly countries because of covid pandemic. Because of this, the educational sector has affected mostly with school and colleges lockdown. The wishes of students who are aspiring to study abroad has went vain because of covid. For a year, the covid severity has been reduced. The countries are reducing thing covid norms and guidelines and allowing the outsiders to visit their countries and trying to revive the situation.

Now, the number of Indian students who finding ways to study abroad r has been increased compared to previous years. Most Indian students are willing to study their master courses in countries like USA, Australia, Canada and Britain.

USA has reported that they have given more visas especially to Indian students compared to other countries. The US has issued nearly 1.25 lakh visas to Indian students in 2022 which is biggest number since 2016.

America said that the their institutions has 20% of Indian students on an average. There has been delays in issuing visa recently because of the high demand and more number applicants and US has been trying to reduce the waiting period for visas as soon as possbile.

US told that they have appointed new staff in embassies to resolve this issue as soon as possible so that they can give visas to more Indian students which is eventually help the students and their country too.

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