Fake Covid Vaccines Making China Covid Situation Even More Worse

The root country of the Covid, China is struggling with surge in covid cases. There are two more variants along with BF7 which are spreading heavily in China. They have uplifted the zero covid policy on December 7th last year. After that, there’s a massive rise in covid cases in china.

All the hospitals has been overcrowded with covid patients in China. There’s been difficulties finding the beds for covid patients in hosptials. Though China is trying not to disclose the real numbers of covid cases, its been found that the graveyards are filled the deadbodies of covid deaths, told by western media.

In this grave situation, chinese  people are trying their best to get out of this covid as quick as possible. They are buying vaccines in black markets to get saved from covid. Because of this, the vaccine prices in black market went high and the middlemen are earning double of their investments in black market through vaccines.

Few miscreants taking the advantage of this situation and they are selling fake covid vaccines in the name of India which has become problematic for the people who are really suffering.

Indian vaccines has been the most effective compared other vaccines which is already proved in last years. So chinese are keen on buying the generic vaccines which are made in India. And few people adding those generic labels to fake vaccines and selling them in black market for higher prices.

The usage of this medicines are not legal in China. The China government is worried about this fake vaccine selling and taking measures to control the situation.

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