Ex MP’s Son met TDP President Nara Chandra Babu Naidu raises multiple questions

All political parties are trying very hard to win the upcoming elections in Andhra Pradesh. As part of this, lot of political leaders migrating from one party to other. The presidents of parties are focusing on right candidates that will led them win in the elections. Recently, GV Sriraj, son of Harsha Kumar who was the ex MP of Amalapuram constituency has met with a Telugu Desam Party chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

Sriraj is a well known person in educational sector. He is actively participating in political activities too. He do has social media presence and stays active in social media and shares everything. Harsha Kumar and his family are always been in social service either actively or passively. Harsha Kumar is basically belongs to Congress party. But Now, his son Sriraj meeting with TDP chief raising questions on this political scenario.

Sriraj himself shared this news in social media that he met with TDP chief and had meeting for 45 minutes. There were rumors which says he may contest elections from Gannavaram on the behalf of TDP. Sriraj wanted to contest from his hometown as a MP but there was news that there’s already been other leaders who are already selected for that position.

Harsha Kumar has a good hold on Dalits of Godavari districts as himself belongs to same community. Harsha Kumar won twice as an MP of Amalapuram on behalf of Congress Party in years 2004 and 2009. Later in 2014, he joined a new political party Jai Samaikyandhra Party of Kiran Kumar Reddy and lost the elections.

Later he showed his interest in TDP which gave him little refusal from his own community. But TDP didn’t offer any seat to him in 2019 elections. TDP has offered the seat to Ex Speaker Balayogi’s son Harish Mathur.

After 2019 elections, Harsha Kumar was not seen much active in political activities. He was a leader since his student days and actively participated in many student movements. Knowing this YSRCP offered them to join their party.

Recently congress has offered a chairman position for their new committe Pradesh Congress Committee but Harsha Kumar rejected the offer. This is giving the indication that Harsha Kumar is interested more in joining the TDP.

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