Details about covid variants which are brought by outsiders to India revealed

Usually, There’s been lot of travelling from mid December to 1st week of January because of Christmas and new year. People travel to different countries and meet different people and bring their Covid variants to country. The new Covid variant BF7 has been discovered this way only.

Lot of people has been suffering because of this variant. All the countries has been taking measures handle this new Covid situation. India is also prepared for the upcoming critical situations. The team has taken the samples from the international travellers and studying the patterns of this new variants and alerting the nation with results.

There are testing centres across all airports  to test the travellers and government recently revealed the results during the Christmas and new year travels.

The samples has collected from travellers during this holiday travel from December 24th to January 3rd. The report says that travellers brought 11 different variants from outside the country.

Fortunately, we are aware of those variants which already exist in the country and there were no any new variants. This gave little relief to the authorities. Whatever the variants discovered in the travellers are basically sub variants of the existing which we don’t need to worry. The tests has been done on 19277 travellers and among them 124 were Covid positive.

The genome sequencing has been done for these 124 people and it was found that 14 samples has XBB and XBB1 variants. In one sample, 7.41 was detected. However it was told that we don’t need to worry about these as we already have taken to measures to handle and these variants are not the severe ones. The authority is saying that the situation is still under control and the people shouldn’t panic.

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