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Stock Average Calculator

This is a one of stop solution to calculate the average of a stock based on the values you have entered.

Why Share Average Calculator?

Stock market investing has been taking a bigger leap these days. This has become one of the best ways to invest your money for good returns. Though it is risky to invest money in stocks without much knowledge about its fundamentals, the early buds start investing them randomly which leads to loss of their money.

I was one of those amateur investors who wasted lot of money without having the knowledge about stock market. I have randomly picked penny stocks and invested in them. This leads me loss of my hard earned money upto more than 50%.

Now, After a lot of research and reading some books on investments, I have been learning better methods to invest money with risk management.

Even though you are beginner, intermediate or advanced, You can't always be accurate on investments. There will be unexpected situations which you can't predict which ultimately results the loss of money. From this use case I have got this idea to implement stock average calculator.

I will explain this share average calculator with a realtime use case scenario. Suppose you bought a company 's stocks at some price expecting that it will move upwards. But unfortunately, it didn't go with your assumptions and it started moving downwards. But you still have faith that it will move upwards. For this, you will start adding more stocks to reduce the average price of a stock.

This application will helps you to do this perfectly. It will help you to know

  • What will be the average price if you buy n number of stocks.
  • How many stocks you need buy to make your average closer to the current price.

How Does Stock Average Calculator Works?

I will explain this with an example.

Let's say you bought 10 stocks of some company at a price of 5. You are expecting that it will move upwards. But unfortunately they are moving downwards. Now the stock price has gone down to 2. But you have faith that it will go upwards in future.

You want to reduce the average stock price by buying more stocks but you need to calculate how many stocks you need to buy to make the average closer to the current price.

This app will solve both of these problems. Based your inputs, It will tell you the average price. Along with this, It will gives you the list of number of stocks you can buy to make the average closer to the current price of stocks.

We have calculated the number stocks based your inputs with multiples of 10x in generic and generated the average along with other useful data.

Best Books If You Are At Beginner Level In Stock Market

1. Learn To Earn By Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch is one of the successful fund managers in the USA. The books he has written are bestsellers in the market. In this book, he has written about how the USA started from zero and became the world's biggest economy. He mentioned how important it is to invest in the stock market and how it impacts the country's economy. He has also written about how the stock market started, things we need to take care when we are investing and similar topics.

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2. Stocks To Riches By Parag Parikh

Parag Parikh was a successful value investor. In this book he discussed basics in investing, behavioural finance and psychology of traders and investors. He explained each and everything with great examples.

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3. Romancing The Balance Sheet By Anil Lamba

In this book, you will learn the basics of the balance sheet, how we can create a balance sheet and how to read it. He also discussed what things we need to take care when we create balance sheets and other important stuff. This book is available in a few regional languages. If you are an investor or owns a business or running a business, then you should definitely read this book.

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Best Books If You Are At Intermediate Level In Stock Market

If you know the basics of stock market and investing and want to gain more knowledge, then you can try the following books.

1. One Up On Wall Street By Peter Lynch

In this book, Peter Lynch has explained how to analyse the companies. He explained about the factors which help the companies to grow. He shared how to search the good companies and the mistakes he made while picking the companies. We can learn many things from his mistakes to save ourselves in future.

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2. Beating The Street By Peter Lynch

Here's one more book from Peter Lynch which is one of the bestsellers.

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3. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits By Philip A. Fisher

In this book, you will learn about qualitative analysis, author’s philosophy and many investment principles.

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Best Books If You Are At advanced Level In Stock Market

If you already know how the stock market works and are able to analyse fundamentals of any company, the following books are for you.

1. The Intelligent Investor By Benjamin Graham

2. Security Analysis By Benjamin Graham

These books are written for the people who know everything about fundamental analysis. The author has assumed that the reader knows about stock market investment and analysis. If you are not good in analysing fundamentals, then these books are not for you.

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