4 People Died in 2 Helicopeters Crash in Australia.

An accident in an Australian beach led to killing of 4 people and 3 more people are in critical condition.

Gold Coast Beach in Australia very famous for tourists. Its usually its a busy beach in regular days. Now there’s been more rush on the beach because new year’s eve.

Helicopter which was about to land after a ride has collided with a helicopter which was taking off. The landing helicopter went off guard and crashed into the 2nd one and hit the ground so hard that it had broken into pieces. The 4 riders who were in that helicopter was dead because of crash and there were 3 riders in other helicopters who was escaped this but in critical condition.

“Those two aircraft, when collided, have crash landed on the sand bank just out from Sea World Resort,” Queensland Police Inspector Gary Worrell, a regional duty officer for the southeastern region, told reporters.

The fellow tourists has responded quickly when the incident happened. They helped the injured along with the rescue team to take them to the hospital as quickly as possible.

“The investigation has started and reasons are yet to be confirmed” told by Australian transport safety bureau.

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